Agile Project Plan Template

Free Agile Project Plan Template to Plan Your Projects in Excel. Download our Free Agile Project Plan Template and and create new Agile plans using our Excel Template. It is very easy to use and create Project Sprints and Tasks using this professional template.

Managing a project is like navigating through a complex maze. You need to be efficient, adaptable, and vigilant about changes that could throw you off course. The key to successfully completing this journey lies in planning effectively, and an Agile project plan template is your ideal blueprint.

Agile Project Plan Template

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What is an Agile Project Plan?

Unlike traditional project management methods, Agile promotes flexibility, frequent reassessments, and incremental improvements. It allows teams to adapt to changes quickly, making it a preferred approach for dynamic projects, particularly in the software development field. An Agile project plan template provides the framework to apply these principles in a structured and organized way.

The Structure of an Agile Project Plan Template

An Agile project plan is typically broken down into several sections:

1. Project Vision: This section outlines the overarching goal of the project. What are you trying to achieve? What value will it bring to customers or stakeholders? The vision acts as a guiding star for the entire project.

2. Product Roadmap: This outlines the high-level view of project requirements. It captures epics (large chunks of work), their priority, and rough estimates of when they will be tackled.

3. Release Plan: The release plan dives deeper into the product roadmap, detailing features (or user stories) to be developed and tested in each release. It provides a time-frame for when a “potentially shippable” product will be ready.

4. Sprint Plan: This section gets down to the nitty-gritty. It details the tasks to be completed in each sprint (a short, time-boxed period), who is responsible for each task, and a timeline for completion.

5. Daily Stand-ups: A key feature of Agile project planning, daily stand-ups are quick meetings where team members update each other on what they completed the previous day, what they plan to do today, and any obstacles they are facing.

6. Review and Retrospective: This segment is crucial for continual improvement. After each sprint, teams review the work done and identify areas of success and areas needing improvement.

Benefits of Using an Agile Project Plan Template

An Agile project plan template offers several benefits:

  • Improved Flexibility: Agile templates allow teams to adapt and respond to changes quickly.
  • Enhanced Communication: The clear structure facilitates regular updates and discussions, improving collaboration.
  • Increased Efficiency: By focusing on incremental improvements, teams can regularly refine and enhance their work.
  • Customer Satisfaction: With its emphasis on delivering value, Agile can result in higher customer satisfaction.

Planning Your Project using Agile Project Plan in Excel

Here are the steps to create Agile Project Plan in Excel.

  1. Step 1: Identify all the Project Sprints
  2. Step 2: Identify all the Project Tasks of each Sprint
  3. Step 3: Estimate the Time Required to finish each task of the Project
  4. Step 4: Set the Start Date and Finish Date of each Tasks based on the Project Start and End Date
  5. Step 5: Identify and Assign the available Resource with required skills to finish the Project Task
  6. Step 6: Use this simple Project Plan Excel Template and Enter the Project Planning Activities

How to Create a Agile Project Plan using Excel Template?

You can use our free Agile Excel Project Plan Template and Populate the Data in the Data Table. Excel template creates Gantt automatically based on your agile project data (project details).

Agile Project Plan Template Data Sheet

Go to Agile Project Plan Template Excel Sheet and Enter the Project Details in the Data Table:

  • Project Name: Enter the title of your project here
  • Sprint: Enter the Sprints here
  • Tasks: Project Task, You can enter the Title of the Project Tasks, Sub task, Milestones here
  • Responsible: Set a Person who is responsible to to complete this task
  • Start Date: Enter the Start Date of the task
  • End Date: Enter the Finish Date of the Task
  • Progress: Enter the Story Points of the Tasks
  • Status: Choose the Status of the Task

Project Gantt Chart is created automatically based on the Agile project data which you have entered in the Data Table.

Agile Project Plan Template Gantt Chart

  • Time Period: Shows you on the Horizontal Axis based on the Timelines entered in Start Date and End Date Columns
  • Tasks: Project Tasks Displayed on Vertical Axis, You can display Tasks, Milestones and Project Phases on Y-Axis.

Download Agile Project Plan Template

Here is the free Agile Project Plan Excel Template for planning your Projects and Timelines. Download our template and Open and enter the details of your Projects.
Agile Project Plan Template Summary

Agile Project Plan Template – Free Download

Agile Software Development Plan

Final Thoughts

In the rapidly changing world of project management, an Agile project plan template is not just a tool, but a necessity. It allows teams to stay focused, adapt to changes, and continually improve, all while working towards a clear, defined vision. So gear up, adopt Agile, and steer your project journey towards success.

Hope you like our template, please let us know your valuable feedback and suggestions to improve this Template.

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