Project Plan Templates

Project Plan Templates

Project plan Template is an important document for tracking and updating project schedules . A Project Plan Template Contains Project Timelines, scope of the Project, Project goals and Project deliverables. Here are the most awesome and professional Project Planning Templates. You can download our free Project Planning Templates and plan your projects easily.

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What is Project Plan Template

Project Plan Template is a ready to use Project Management Document where you can plan your Project Tasks, Resource and Timelines. Project Plan Template capture the following information of a Project.

  • Project Name: This is the Title of the Project, a unique name given to a Project to use in Project communication from Start to Finish.
  • Tasks and Schedules: Project is divided into small tasks to achieve the project milestones. Project Task contains Task Title, Start Date, End Date and Responsible Person.
  • Gantt Chart: Visual representation of the Project Tasks and Activities. You can easily understand the Project Timelines and the Progress by looking at the Gantt Chart.
  • Project Summary: It will show you the overall Progress and Tasks details by summarizing the Task Data.

Why do you need a Project Plan Template:

It is important to plan your project before start working on it. A Project Plan template helps you to effectively manage your Project Tasks, Resource and Timelines. This gives a clear picture to understand how your project is progressing to deliver the project as promised.

  • Create Tasks and Assign to a Responsible Person to complete the Task
  • You can track the progress of the individual tasks related to a Project
  • Check the Status of each Task and Overall Progress
  • To view your Project Plans in visual representation
  • Create Project Dependencies and Predecessors
  • Helps you to Plan your Resource and Timelines more effectively to deliver the Project On-time.

How to Create Project Plan Template:

You can create the Project Plan Template by following the simple steps shown below. You can prepare the template once and save the Template in a folder to plan your projects whenever your required. You can use Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint or Googles Sheets Applications to create a Project Plan Template.

  • Open a New Document.
  • Insert a Fields for Project Title, Start Date, Due Date and Manager
  • Create a Table (Task Table) for capture the Project Activities.
  • Insert the Task Name, Start Date, End Date, Assigned To, Status and Progress Columns in the Task Table.
  • Task: An Activity of the Project which needs to be completed to achieve a Project Milestone. You can assign a task to one or more people in the Project Team to complete the task to deliver the desired outcome. A task can contain one or more subtasks depending on the complexity, task outcome and duration of the task.
  • Start Date: Start Date of the Task tells you the Plan or Actual Start Date of a Task.
  • End Date: End Date of the Task tells you the Plan or Actual End Date of a Task.
  • Progress:  Progress of the Task represents the percentage of the task completed.
  • Responsible Person: Person or Team member who is responsible to Complete the Task.
  • Use the Formula or built in tools to create a Gantt Chart using the information in the Task Table.

Free Project Plan Templates

Here are our free Project Plan Templates for effectively planning your projects, Tasks, Resource and Timelines. You can download our Free Project Planning templates, Project Plan Template and Work Plan Template. Download our project planning templates today and start planning your next project with confidence!

Project Plan Template

Work Plan Template

Free Excel Project Plan Template

Here is the Free Excel Project Plan Template, you can download and create new plans using our Excel Template. It is very easy to use and plan your Project tasks and timelines using this professional template.

Free Project Plan Template


Free Excel Project Plan Template contains 3 main Elements to plan your projects:

  • Project Plan Summary: You can quickly view the Over Project Progress and Status of you Project Plans
  • Tasks Data Sheet: You can enter Tasks and update the Project Status using the Task Table
  • Project Plan Gantt Chart: Gantt Chart helps you to easily visualize your task and schedules

Free Gantt Chart Project Plan Template

A Gantt Chart is a graphical representation of Project Activates, Tasks, Milestones and Timelines. The Vertical Axis of the Gantt Chart Displays the List of Project Activities in Hierarchical Structure.

Project Plan Template


Free Gantt Chart Template for Planning your Project:

  • Enter Tasks in Activity Table: You can enter Tasks and timelines in Project Activity Data Table
  • Schedule with Gantt Chart: An easy to use Gantt Chart helps to view all your project activities on Gantt Chart.

Free Agile Project Plan Template

Free Agile Project Plan Template to Plan Your Projects in Excel. Download our Free Agile Project Plan Template and and create new Agile plans using our Excel Template.

Agile Project Plan Template

Free Agile Project Plan Template for Planning your Agile Projects:

  • Quick Overview: Quick Summary provides the overall Project Status of your Project Activities
  • Project Gantt: Gantt Chart is provided to view all your project tasks and its timeline in graphical representation
  • Activates: A separate Data Sheet is provided to enter all your project milestones, task and subtasks

Components of a project plan Template

A project plan Templates should have the following important components for effectively planning your projects.

  • Project Details: You can add Project Details such as Project Title, Start Date, End Date. We can also have the Background and History of the Project in the details section.
  • Scope: It is important to have the detailed scope of the Project. And have the option to edit and update the scope statement.
  • Goals: Every Project is created to achieve certain goals. Specify the main and important goals of the Project.
  • Deliverables: Deliverables are the outputs of the projects. This can be in the form of files, tools, skills or products. Clients provides inputs to the project development team. And Team members will develop the outputs and deliver on-time.
  • Timelines: Set the clear and achievable timelines to each task to produce the accurate deliverables. Project Manager must check the available bandwidth of the Team members and skills. And assign the task to the person with required skill set based on the availability.
  • Project Team: We should clearly specify the project team and their responsibilities in the Project Plan. It helps each member to understand the flow of the project and deliver the outputs as per the promised timelines.
  • Manager and Clients: Manager and clients will play the important role in understanding the project requirement and deliver the project as per the client specifications.

Hope you like our templates, please let us know your valuable feedback and suggestions to improve this Template. Please feel to share with your Team members.



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